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One Man’s Journey Into Photography.

I shoot street photography, abandoned areas, and product photography. Capturing the little moments of beauty in everyday life fascinates me, as does sharing the spirit of places forgotten.

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Puddle reflection of a building

My Photography Blog

Reviews, musings, and commentary on my own foray into photography.

Winston Salem Urbex Locations Part 1: Waughtown St. Area

I've been doing what you might call urbex-light for awhile around the Winston Salem area. There are a lot of abandoned factories and industrial buildings, and contrary to what some say on Reddit not all of them have been renovated into hipster bars. What I mean by...

Trying Street Photography At The Mall

I've been practicing general street photography for a couple months, but the last few times I've been downtown there were surprisingly few people out. Why not the mall, I thought, to mix things up. I decided to stow my camera in the bag on my way in, figuring carrying...

Why I Chose The Canon EOS R Over The Sony A7III

For me this was a big one, and kind of surprising as well. Since probably 2019 I was yearning for the A7III, both because a friend of mine was shooting with it and raved about it and because I'd started following a subreddit about Sony Alpha and was wowed by the...