An Introduction…

There are various recommendations for photo ops in Winston Salem, especially when you’re looking for abandoned buildings. There are less and less of them as time goes on, either because the buildings are finally demolished by the city or because they are renovated into something new.

Winston Salem has done quite a bit of that in their urban revitalization projects.

Some recommendations that pop up online are awesome, and others a bit underwhelming and perhaps not worth the trip out. My concept for this series of posts is to give my thoughts on different places I visit to help you in your own explorations.

Today’s Location: Nissen Wagon Works in Kernersville, NC

Nissen Wagon Works was once one of the largest wagon makers in the south during the 19th century. Today it stands simply as an historic relic, complete with a sign marking it off and giving a brief history.

Nissen Wagon Works frontal photo

As an urbex location it’s a mixed bag mostly because it’s literally adjacent from a police station, which might make some reluctant to wander up to the building. There are no “keep out” or “no trespassing” signs, so it’s up to your interpretation whether approaching would be trespassing or not.

Nissen Wagon Works alternate front side

When I went it was in broad daylight, and there’s not really any way to get close to the building without anyone from the street seeing you do it. I had no issues, though.

Nissen Wagon Works rusted stairway in the front

The front and sides of the abandoned building are what you’d generally expect from such a site, and provide some cool photos without a lot of hassle apart from what I mentioned above.

There are some doorways that appear open on the sides and back of the building that you could enter and walk around. I was alone when I visited and my general urbex safety rule is that I don’t enter abandoned buildings unless I have someone else with me.

Side open doorway covered in vines and rust
Side doorway covered in vines
Back of the building with open doorways
Back of the building – rusted doorways and windows

Perhaps on another visit I’ll get photos of the inside.

If you plan to visit here and go inside yourself, be careful.

Rear doorways and graffiti
Rear doorways approaching the tower

Structurally there’s no telling how stable this building is anymore. From the outside the stairs going up to the second floor are falling apart and definitely aren’t safe.

Location Rating

Located In: Winston Salem, NC — Near Waughtown Street and Marble Street. Also near the Family Dollar (about a block or so away) for parking.

Ease Of Access: Very easy – just park somewhere nearby and approach directly

Seclusion: Poor

Variety Of Photos: Fair

Overall, Worth The Stop? Yes.