About Me / Photography

I’m Brian Watkins, I’ve been into making photographs since I was a kid, playing around with a Polaroid instant camera.

For most of my life I saw it as an occasional fun outlet, but it wasn’t something I dared to fully explore for whatever reason until my thirties.

The start of that journey was when I purchased a used Samsung NX30 (APS-C) from a phtographer friend, and it was the camera I learned about exposing manually, depth of field, and all the basics of “real” photography as I stepped away from point-and-shoot and auto modes.

Learning those basics took some mastering, and I think was important to understand even as I transitioned to Aperture Priority mode for street photography.

From there I purchased a Canon EOS R, and eventually got my hands on a Sony A7IV as well to push my video work forward as much as my stills captures.

Connect With Me

Instagram: @focalvibes

Twitter: @digimorphosis

YouTube: @Digimorphosis